Important Announcement - Cancellation of TOKYO MAGNA AWARD NIGHT with MIMICS & MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT

We are extremely sorry to announce the cancellation of the Tokyo Magna Award night scheduled for this coming weekend on Sat, 28th Feb, at Midori Park, Nagatsuta.

Due to some unforeseen Visa issues for few of the main guests and the celebrities, the team from India could not arrange travel for the scheduled date. We have been diligently coordinating with the Indian team for the past few days to get this resolved, but unfortunately it did not bear fruit. So for time being the event stands cancelled. We will be exploring the possibility of postponing it to a later date subject to meeting the different requirements.

On behalf of the organizing team, we would like to apologize for this last minute cancellation, especially to those of you who have already made registrations for attending the event, Awardees from Tokyo, Our sponsors, Nihonkairali members, Nirvanam restaurant and to all our supporters and well wishers. We are also very thankful to all the different teams who were working behind the scenes in preparing for this event. We really appreciate the effort and hard work you all have been putting into this event.

Thank you all once again for your kind support and once again we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to your continuous support for the future events.