Charlie Malayalam movie - a must watch movie - welcomed in Japan by Keralites and Japanese !!

Charlie Malayalam movie - a must watch movie !! really welcomed by movie lovers in Japan. In this chilling weather many people came to watch the movie. And we had a very good crowd of Japanese movie lovers this time. We can see happiness and satisfaction on the face of people !!

Celluloid Japan is so happy that we are able to reach so many people in spreading the Indian movie.

Masala press created review of the movie in Japanese after watching the movie !! Read at http://masala-press.jp/2016/01/24/vol-35

Sharing the feedback received from few of our followers


1) No luxurious sets nor actors with gorgeous costume but every character could be someone's reflection. I was exactly like Tessa, travelling on my own with a backpack...quite liked the opening scene that the boat started to flow, all different things together, Muslim ladies, western hippies, even chickens, and Tessa looked so relaxed watching all these diversity in one small boat.

And life is beautiful...

It's a cathartic movie that people are looking for...thanks for giving us the opportunity of watching this beautiful movie..


2) I really enjoyed "Chalie" yesterday Thank you so much for everything Celluloid did. 

Actually I couldn't sleep well last night coz I'm so excited about that movie and Dulqur.

Malayalam movie is great


Celluloid Japan will do our best to bring quality Indian movies to Japan.

Thank you so much 
Team Celluloid