Charlie release in Japan is becoming a hot news in Tokyo

Celluloid Japan started releasing Indian movies in Japan on a regular basis 2 years back in December 2013. One of the factors that motivated us always is the support shown by Japanese movie fans. Whether it is to look for a good theater, to get information about best locations to screen Indian movies, technical tips or help with Japanese language, the Japanese movie fans are always with us. We are really happy to see they are spending time in writing reviews, preview, news postings. Even some of the members are regular visitors to various parts of India including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

Here with we are excited to share some of the articles published by the Japanese movie fans about Charlie Malayalam movie release in Japan. 

New posting by Dozo films - Vol.33 【1/24(日)】マラヤーラム語映画「Charlie」上映のお知らせ

Charlie movie review by Ms Naoka Ataka 

Charlie movie review by Ms. Naoka Ataka

Charlie movie preview by Ms Tamaki Matsuoka

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